Welcome, Y’all!

An Introduction with Owner/Creator, Ryan Vale McGonigle.

Photo by Hayden Barnes.

Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m a writer, wife, and puppy mama making my life in New York. I’m originally from North Carolina. And I’m deeply committed to both homes. For me, that means playing a meaningful role in celebrating any successes they achieve, as well as standing alongside them in their efforts to improve.

That’s what community is all about. It’s also why North by North Carolinian exists. Here, you can expect to see the eats, reads, visits, and home-making adventures inspired by the places I love. And maybe even discover that they’re not so different from each other at the core.

Interested? Check out ↑↑ The Blog ↑↑. Fan of what you see? Feel free to follow along — there are several ways to receive updates! And of course, if your heart is called to offer constructive questions or comments, you can certainly contact me through the site. I’m a work in progress, as we all are, and it’s with that idea that I happily say: c’mon in and stay a while!