A Note on the Short-Term Future of this Passion Project


With my first blog (liftingthevale), I knew conclusively when it was time to step away.

The reason for that was that I needed to launch this blog, which I’d been too scared to do until then. Looking back, I can’t imagine life without either of them, which is why they both still exist. I don’t foresee that changing any time soon.

I say this in order to assuage any fears that I will be abandoning you. And by “you,” I mean both this project and its small but fiercely loyal collection of readers.

But here’s the thing.

Aside from the newly-launched “VOICE IT!,” I’d like to spend more of my time either a) passing the mic (hence the aforementioned opportunity), or b) working on the other calling I’ve had since I was a little girl, which is to write. Like, capital W, write.

Those of you who know me or follow me here will know that I’ve completed my first manuscript, one that I hope will become the first in a three-part fiction series. I imagine it as a series of novellas, but I can also imagine a world where the over-arching stories get adapted to fit the screen, in either short- or long-form, depending on the extent of folks’ creative vision and feelings about the world I’ve created.

That brings us to the current predicament.

Lately, while I love this passion project with all my heart, I’ve been feeling like it makes me choose between doing what I need to do… and doing it well. And that’s never a good place for a creative to be. Just ask (or heck, observe) any of us. Very quickly, you’ll see what I mean.

That said, I’ve made the exceedingly difficult decision to step away from my role as content creator on this site — at least for now. There’s BIG WORK that needs doing to get my actually-paid-to-write work going in any real way.

And meanwhile, it is my absolute honor and pleasure to cede my time and space to those of you with stories YOU can’t imagine not telling (when you’re ready, of course).

So, wondering where you can See Ryan Write? Well, hopefully that will emerge in the not-too-distant future. But for now, there’s always IG (@rvmcgonigle). And perhaps there will be a few “check-ins” here as time goes by. Y’all know I can’t stay away forever <3.

All I’m wondering is what sorts of amazing things we’ll achieve — yes, all of us — in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Until then, be at home. Wherever you are, it’s yours for the making. Because like I said from the very beginning, We’re All A Little North By North Carolinian.

Yours, Always,



North by North Carolinian

Full concept and content by Ryan Vale McGonigle

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rv mcgonigle

A Curious Southerner Does Life on Both Sides of the Line.

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