End of the Line

It’s a curious thing, the end of a line.

You’ve accomplished something. You’ve reached some destination. You’ve finished. You’ve got no further to go — at least for now, for this purpose, in this season.

Friends, it is with this context in mind that I announce the end of this line.

Don’t get me wrong. North by North Carolinian has been a blessing in so many ways. Those who know, know. But life isn’t just about seasons past. It’s also about seasons future and, quite frankly, seasons present.

In order to be my best self in those seasons, I’m called to live and write more offline than on. Truth be told, I’ve been taking steps in this direction for a few years now and — let’s face it — I’m much happier, fulfilled, and more productive for it. This affirms my decision, even though a significant part of me knows I will miss this space, this community, whatever it is we’ve created here. And so, I’d like to end this post and project with a word of thanks.

Thank you to those who’ve been here for the past few years. Thank you to those who just found this corner of the internet yesterday. Thank you to those who’ve been here for several other projects. Thank you to those who’ve been with me a lifetime. Just, thank you. For all of it. I can’t wait to see what life brings us from here.


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