Passing the Mic: Announcing a New Quarterly Guest Creator Opportunity, VOICE IT!

(More information about how to contribute to or follow this journey can be found here:


For those of you who’ve been following along with this little venture, you’ll know that I’m juggling a few different goals for the months (years?) ahead. One is keeping this blog up-to-date, one is increasing engagement on the blog and in general, and another is creating more opportunities to highlight voices besides my own.

On the surface, these goals may seem like they are competing. But here’s the thing: they don’t have to be. What if, instead, they worked with each other rather than against each other? (And what if we did the same?).

I know a fair number of y’all don’t have major platforms through which to air your opinions and stories, to make your voices really heard, to feel that what you have to say is meaningful or “counts” — at least, not in a way that’s recognized by the major, professional outlets provided to us.

I also know a fair number of y’all do have considered stories and opinions worth hearing. And I’d love to provide one small corner of the universe where you can make your voices heard.

In a world where content drives everything, I’d love to provide one space where that content can reach at least one more set of eyes than your own.

While this humble offering is currently all I have to give — with proper bios, “at’s,” and attributions, of course — I hope for someone out there, it’s enough (at least for now). Who knows? Maybe over time, “enough” will turn into “more.” But we won’t know until we try.

With that said, I am honored to introduce “VOICE IT!”

This is an idea I’ve been dreaming about for several years (more here), and today I’m proud to say I’ve stepped forward in courage to just do it. It is my sincerest hope that this will inspire more folks to step forward, too — if not here, then certainly somewhere else. For now, please remember:

There is power in the story you have inside you.

Too many people let their stories go untold.

Don’t let your story be one of them.