Other Work

One of the greatest joys in life is the ability to make progress. One of the greatest fears in life is that one’s previous attempts at progress will be discovered. I am of the opinion that we should be proud of our progress — at every stage it exists.

For this reason among others, it’s a privilege to share other stuff that you may be interested to read. As more exists, I will update this page. Cross your fingers that one day the list gets interesting? Who knows, maybe it will.

(1) liftingthevale | adventures with the splendor of small things




Inspired by the sermon at my wedding ceremony, I undertook the project of chronicling life with “the littles” — in other words, things in everyday life we often take for granted because they are not of immediate or monumental importance.

Over several years, I tackled a range of topics, from the joys and frustrations of writing, to the wisdom of dogs, and the eventual motivation for what would become this space, North by North Carolinian. See, progress happens all the time!

That’s it for now — but hopefully not forever.




Full concept and content by Ryan Vale McGonigle