Other Work

It is my privilege to share the following additional works of interest.

(1) Essay: “Double-Down Dutch: A Story of Home” | The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

“Double-Down Dutch” was published on September 1, 2021. You can find it at https://deadmule.com/ryan-vale-mcgonigle-memoir-sept-2021/.

Also noteworthy? The Dead Mule is the South’s oldest online literary journal. In 2021, they celebrated their 25th anniversary. Help them celebrate by reading more of the excellent work they publish each month, free of charge.

(2) Blog Archive: liftingthevale | adventures with the splendor of small things

Inspired by the sermon at my wedding ceremony, I undertook the project of chronicling life with “the littles” — things in everyday life that we often take for granted because they don’t appear to be of immediate or monumental importance.

Over several years, I tackled a range of topics, from the joys and frustrations of writing, to the wisdom of dogs, and the eventual motivation for what would become this space, North by North Carolinian. See, progress happens all the time!

You can find liftingthevale at: https://liftingthevale.com