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Y’all, guess what?

Now there’s a new way to get all your favorite North by North Carolinian content!

If you’re more the “listening type” of reader, head on over to Anchor, or look us up wherever podcasts can be found.

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No problem. You can leave us a voice message on the Anchor platform, or submit written ideas for the blog or blog-cast via this site’s Contact or Voice It! pages.

As always, we take our community rules very seriously.

We do not (and will not ever) engage with folks who intend to avoid actual, growth-oriented conversation. None of us have time to waste on anything that looks, sounds, or feels like a petty attack or unrelated solicitation. You probably already knew that, though. Just like you know that we don’t have to be a perfect match to share good conversation, and that sometimes disagreement actually makes for the best discourse.

All that in mind, if you’re committed to contributing to our community while respecting those guidelines, we’d love to hear what you’ve got to say. Looking forward to hearing from you — and getting closer to real conversations that really matter through the magic of the internet.

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