The LibraRYAN

The logo sketch I drew in February 2020.

In February 2020, on the edge of what came to be known as the COVID-19 pandemic, I took one brave step towards a dream I’ve always had: creating space for community-building around great books.

That step and the space that followed became The LibraRYAN, a playful reference to my name (Ryan) and the people I’ve long admired (librarians).

Each month that year, I recommended books that encouraged reflection about the unique struggles and demands of contemporary culture. Over time, a small but loyal group began to “meet” — sometimes here, sometimes over social media, sometimes through personal correspondence — to discuss our ideas and learnings. That was the magic of our experiment; we figured out how to adapt in a time when adapting was essential.

Things have evolved quite a bit since then. Some of those changes influenced the “thoughtful break” this group is now taking. While I do hope to resume our monthly chats at some point in the future, I expect still more will have changed by that point. And once more, we’ll learn to read and respond to the world we are in. Until then, feel free to peruse our past work via the index provided below.

Our 2020 Reads: