The LibraRYAN

A Bit Of History:

The logo sketch I drew in February 2020.

In February 2020, on the edge of what came to be known as the COVID-19 pandemic, I took one brave step towards a dream I’ve always had: creating space for community-building around great books.

That step and the space that followed became The LibraRYAN, a playful reference to my name (Ryan) and the people I’ve long admired (librarians).

Besides a few thoughtful pauses, each month I’ve recommended books that encourage participants to reflect upon contemporary culture. We’ve “met” a few weeks later to discuss our ideas and learnings, and each time we’ve learned how the group can better serve those it welcomes into the fold. Things have evolved quite a bit since the early days. I expect they will continue to grow and change alongside us. Come along?

Our Work So Far:

Want a LibraRYAN index or crash course? Look no further!

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Have an idea for something the group should read? Send me a message through my Contact page, or reach out to me directly if we know each other offline. While the group is currently taking a break, I promise that we’ll find each other again soon. And when we do, I have a feeling we’ll be unstoppable. Until then, be well, my loves.



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